What is it? The goal is to see my level in a skill (chess, guitar, etc) then practice for 1 hour, check the results. Practice for 10 hours, check the results. Practice for 40 hours & check the final results. Some things may not be able to be tracked by hour, so those will be done by day. For example, once I have access to a power rack, I will be doing a 5×5 challenge. Tracking 40 hours of a workout that has long breaks in between exercises, let alone tracking the results, isn’t practical, so that will be tracked by day.

The first categories that I will be working on are chess, cardio, & video creation.

I’m currently at an MMR somewhere below 900, so I’m bad, very bad. I know the rules of playing & some very basic concepts, but I don’t know any common moves, strategies, or openings. My end game is trash as well. I do decently when I’m compact & defensive, but the moment I get aggressive, I lose sight of what I’m doing. I also get tunnel visioned on what I want to do, rather than taking advantage of my opponents gaps.

Plan is to spend ~5 hours on studying & analysis & 35 hours on practice.


Pretty out of shape. Currently my muscle endurance is giving out before my lungs, but I’ve had a large workload for my legs recently, so that should change on it’s own. Goal is to be able to run a marathon at some point. I hate running out of breath after 1 sprint & want to get back into a good enough shape to be able to play a pick-up game of soccer.

Plan is to follow the Couch to 5k program. Depending on how my body is responding, might be doing multiple training sessions per day.


Will be posting videos to YouTube. Will be producing videos with the thought that they will suck. I will not be analyzing the videos until the end of the 40 hours. The hours will be based on hours of content, not work that goes into making them, so this may take awhile. I won’t be reviewing footage because my thought is that I am currently bad enough that nearly everything can be called out & I will be stuck in paralysis by analysis.

Plan is to post at least 2 videos a week. Involving social media after awhile is a possibility as well.

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