Make BETTER DECISIONS with your Money

When it comes to money, it feels like we never have enough & it constantly slips through our fingers. Thinking back throughout the day, we can find a point where we could have prevented ourselves from spending. How do we make the better decisions though? Like most things involving money & emotions, the answer may not be easy, but it most definitely is simple.


Ideally, you want to plan your day the night before. The hardest part is making a decision because emotion and logic can often contradict. To avoid this, make your decisions ahead of time. Keep in mind, saying you’re going to do something and deciding you’re going to do something are two very different things. The goal is to remove emotion of the situation from the actual decision.

For example, if you are going to go grocery shopping, make sure you aren’t hungry because being hungry makes all the snacks you don’t need look more desirable & the portions you want larger.


If you constantly wake up late & use that as an excuse to go buy a breakfast sandwich & coffee, what actually caused that situation to occur? You can jump to, “I’m always tired” or “I can’t sleep”, or whatever other excuse that supports your story.

On the surface, we can “Plan our Day” & have the coffee maker & breakfast ready to go the night before so in the morning, we have no excuse with time.

On a deeper level, why are you always tired? Why can’t you sleep? Is it because you spent 4 hours after work watching your podcasts for the day? If you want to stop being tired or sleep well, you need to prioritize that.


Everyone wants to have a million dollars but a lot of people get discouraged by seeing the $100,000+ in debt that they have. Don’t worry about planning for 10 years down the line when you don’t have or can’t keep a plan that you have for this week, or even today. Don’t focus on paying down $100,000.

For multiplicities sake, let’s say you pay $50 off on your debt every month. Set your goal to reduce your debt to $99,942 instead of $99,950. That’s only an extra $2 a week! Don’t wait until the end of the month & pay an extra $8, pay $2 every Monday of every week.

You want to get in the flow & build momentum. You want to enjoy success. That extra $2 a week will build that & get you to start thinking, “maybe I’ll just add an extra 50 cents this week, or maybe even a dollar!” Eventually, you will begin enjoying making payments because you’ve shown your mind that it’s IN YOUR BEST INTEREST.


Education is never ending. You’ll see this repeated in a lot of my content. The world is ever evolving, laws are changing, people are growing, & society is maturing. At the end of the day, everything is compounding. The more you know & do today, the more opportunity will present itself tomorrow.

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